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It has come to our attention, through a few of our graduates, that after they received their guard card and began looking for and applying for jobs they ran into a a few unscrupulous companies that are trying to rip them off. These Dirt Bags are telling folks that wherever they received their training (including Arrow) that it isn't sufficient. Furthermore they are getting folks to sign up for their classes and promising a job if they do so. GUESS WHAT, They take your money, put you through a D.P.S. curriculum class (like everybody else's) and NO JOB!

BEWARE they are scum SCAM artists.

NOW they are also promising jobs (guaranteeing Jobs) and of course after you pay and finish the class they say sorry....
We get dozens of calls per week from Students who were lied too. Don't be one of them.

Unarmed classes are held on Thursdays or Fridays and select Saturdays from 8am-4pm.
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REFUND POLICY: If you can't make it to your assigned class we will reschedule you for the next available class. If you miss the rescheduled class you will not be eligible for a second reschedule. You will have to pay full price. No refunds without a 48 hour notice.

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Read about what students are saying

Please take a moment and read about what others have to say about Arrow Security's training. This page is in response to the growing number of "so called" training academies popping up around Phoenix lately and their claim that paying MORE for training is a good thing and will help you in the long run.......B.S.

"I attended an Unarmed Security class from Arrow Security last October. I have been a security Guard in Arizona on and off for the last 13 years. I have attended FREE and paid training. The training staff and the quality of training was the very best I have attended. I told my current employer (security guard agency) how much I like the class and he decided to pull his account with a local training academy and start sending his officers to Arrow for renewals." Dan M., Phoenix, Arizona

" I attended both the unarmed and armed Security Guard classes given by Arrow Security, Inc. My instructor, was very informative. He not only taught the required class information but also interjected his own experiences which gave everyone better insight into security jobs. I am now employed as an armed security guard and really enjoy my new position. I would highly recommend these classes to anyone interested in entering the security field." Brian C., Phoenix Arizona

"I just wanna say thank you so much to my instructor yesterday you did a very wonderful job. You were able to explain and elaborate to as the topic very well because your so energetic and intelligent. Continue and keep up the good work so that more people will learn from you. THANKS AND GOD BLESS..." Robert A.

Dear Sirs, "I attended an unarmed guard training class at your facility on March 5th. I just wanted to relay to you how much I enjoyed the course taught by Mr. G.. He presented the material as required in a very professional manner. This was a recertification for me but he kept the class interesting and fun. I intend to inquire about a position with Arrow security soon as a result of my contact with Bill." Jerry R.

"Arrow was straight up with me from day 1. There were no games or surprises. I even bought a Glock 9mm brand new for $465.00. Great group of folks." Manny M

"I took the Unarmed Guard Class with Arrow Security, Inc. because the price seemed to be the lowest I could find anywhere and money is tight. I had read that cheap was not good training. My room mate took a class from another company and paid three times more than I did. When we compared notes he actually received far less information than I did in his class. The Instructor for my class was knowledgeable and taught the class in an understandable and fun way. In two years when I have to re-new my license I am definitely coming back to Arrow." Philip N.